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Tenor Jokes

Why are tenor’s brains so expensive?

A woman goes into a butcher shop to get something special for dinner. She spies something which looks interesting and asks the butcher how much it costs. “Well ma’am, those are the brains of a soprano, and they’re a $1.50 a pound.” “Oh, ok”, replies the woman. “What’s that?”, she asks, pointing. “Those are the brains of a bass, and they’re $3.00 a pound.” “Oh”, says the woman, “that looks great, what is it?” “Ma’am, those are the brains of a tenor, and they are $40.00 a pound.” “That’s outrageous!”, says the woman. “Why is it so much for those brains?” “Ma’am”, replies the patient butcher, “do you have any idea how many tenors it takes to make one pound of brains?”

A Bass Arrives in Heaven

A bass died and went to Heaven (where all basses go when they pass on). St. Peter greeted him at the gate and asked, “Sir, how many false notes did you sing in your life?”

The bass answered, “Three.”

“Three times!” said St. Peter.

Out came another angel and stuck the bass three times with a needle.

“Ow! What was that for?” asked the bass, while rubbing his arm.

St. Peter explained, “Here in heaven, we stick singers once for each false note they sang down on Earth.”

“Oh,” said the bass, and he was just about to step through the gates when suddenly he heard a horrible scream come from behind a closed door. “Oh my goodness, what was that?” asked the bass, horrified.

“Oh,” said St. Peter, “that’s a tenor who arrived a while ago. He’s just about to start his third week in the sewing machine.”